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  • Expand Awareness Among the People
  • End the Plurality System of Winning Elections
  • End the Two-Party System and Promote Compromise
  • Create Runoff Elections
  • Encourage Growth of More Political Parties
  • To promote the establishment of runoff elections everywhere in the United States so that no one will be elected to any office without receiving more than 50 percent of the vote, eliminating the current system where someone gets elected by only receiving a plurality of the vote, which sometimes results in someone being elected with less than the majority of the votes.
  • To promote the establishment of other political parties beyond the current two parties.
  • To promote compromise among parties and people in the establishment and execution of laws.
  • To protect the rights of the majority and the minority.
  • Promote Demand-Side Strength in Economics
  • Expand the ability for everyone to vote including by mail – with almost no waiting in line when voting person
  • End gerrymandering by the party in power
  • Explain to the people what gerrymandering is
  • Change the Senatorial System – or eliminate the Senate (it’s not a democratic body)